Different Expressions

Passing on the Information

From these experiences and understandings of the Orixás came an increased interest to pass this knowledge on to the next generation so that people could be insured of enjoying the benefit of living life in accord with nature and the Universe.

Different Expressions

Throughout the passage of time, as people came to know the Orixás there arose different stories and different interpretations of the Orixás.

Different knowledge came forth; different understandings and different expressions became apparent.

Drums and Song

People utilized drums to give expression to the vibrations of the Universe. And in time the drum become the modality to establish the link between the Universe and the individual.

In addition people created songs about the Orixás to express their understanding of the Orixás, to give gratitude for the experience of the Orixás and to ensure that future generations would understand what they knew and experienced.


Dress became another expression of the Orixás.

The Universe that had become alive within the person needed to be clothed externally to give expression to the particular experience and to honor that expression.

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