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About Vovó Anamalia

Nana Buruque, the Protector for Vovo Anamalia

Uniqueness of Vovó Anamalia

Vovó Anamalia’s Teachings: What is unique about the sessions with Vovó Anamalia, is she introduces people to the Orixás where they exist within the universe, as the energetic forces themselves within their own realms, as the fabrics of the universe. Vovó Anamalia lifts people up to that level, and from there the connection with the […]

Private Sessions with Vovó Anamalia

Sessions with Vovó Anamalia

Private one-on-one sessions are now available with Vovó Anamalia! Click here to make an appointment The phone sessions are one and a half hours The personal sessions are two hours Vovó Anamalia is a highly evolved Spiritual Being who comes through as a “full-body” incorporation, using Andrée, as the Medium. Vovó first connected with Andrée […]


Vovó Consultations on Skype

Now available! Sessions with Vovó Anamalia on Skype, as well as by phone Enclosed are some links regarding the sessions About Vovó Anamalia About Andrée About Personal Sessions How to Pay


How to Pay for Workshops with Vovó Anamalia

Vovó Anamalia Workshops: When you make your payment please include this information: Your name Your email address & phone What your payment is for Payment can be either by Credit Card (via PayPal) or Check CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS If you are paying by PayPal, you do not have to have an account. You can pay with […]


Vovó Anamalia Videos

Discussion of Light and the Folds of the Universe Vovó Anamalia is a Cosmic Soul who appears through the Medium Andrée. . Public sessions with Vovó Anamalia are held each month in Mount Shasta, California. If you want to participate, CLICK HERE for the current events. Click Here for More Videos on Vovó Anamalia

Orixa Nana

Give a Gift for Private Sessions

Give a Hayehwatha Institute Private Session Gift Certificate to one of your friends, family or associates so that they can have a private one-on-one session with either Vovó Anamalia. The phone sessions are one and a half hours. The personal sessions are two hours. Rather than providing an online shopping cart, we like to personalize the […]

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